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I fucking hate Ane Log

Posted by Scanline5 - January 21st, 2021

Ane log is basically a Slice of life series of manga which tells the story of a paranoid moro-

i mean... girl....

who thinks her brother is a huge pervert.

thats literally it, the biggest problem i have with this series is that its a one-trick horse, it tells the exact same joke

over and OVER and OVER

its always the same thing, she is doing something completely normal and then someone does a completely normal action, and then she overthinks the reason behind that action, thats literally the only joke they use with both the sister and other background characters, and it makes the manga a completely repetitive experience, and its not like there is any kind of character development either, when something happens in a manga it gets forgotten in the next one and it goes back to the status quo, no matter how many characters they add, its always the same fucking thing and it never feels like the story really goes somewhere, i feel like i wasted my time with this piece of shit series and I AM NOT WATCHING THE FUCKING ANIME ADAPTATION BC ITS EVEN MORE TEDIOUS AND BORING


it is nice to know what i will be doing in hell.


Comments (2)

Sounds like it’s one of those shows that would make you want to bang your head on the wall.I would still check it out though.

I had a look at it and maybe it’s because mangas ain’t my thing but boy,there’s a lot of fan service!

Dont be fooled by the fanservice dude! its all a hoax to distract us from the fact that the Manga and Anime versions FUCKIN SUCK DIC

@MchectorII @Scanline5 Yeah,I see what you mean.It’s always about the PLOT!